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5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of A Small Kitchen

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Everyone has a favorite room in their childhood home.

For me, mine was always our kitchen. It had a big island in the middle where my friends and I would eat and do our homework after school. It was the central meeting point in our home, open and lively. My apartment now barely has a kitchen at all–it’s really more of a kitchenette. But that doesn’t stop me from getting crafty and making it a space to love. Here are five tips on how to make the most of a small kitchen.

1. Dish It Out

This may seem obvious, but one of the simplest things you can do to cut the clutter is washing your dishes right away. A small kitchen often means limited counter space which, in turn, means itty bitty drying racks. Without the luxury of piling dishes in the sink and drying large loads at once, you should try to keep things moving through the wash-dry-put-away cycle as quickly as possible.

2. Find The Inner Beauty

Everyone always forgets about the insides of cabinet doors, but they can use a little love too! Mount some hooks for your baking gear or even a file holder for saran wrap, foil, wax paper, and the like.

3. Keep It In The Family

Sticking to a low contrast color scheme can help your kitchen feel more open than it actually is. Lighter color families–white, especially–work the best.

4. Add A Little Tension

Tension rods aren’t just for curtains–use them on any shelf or under-the-sink cupboard. On a shelf, they’re a great way to organize your cutting boards and pans. Below the sink, you can save space by hanging spray bottles and making use of the vertical space.

5. Feel The Attraction

Whether it’s magnetic strips and knives or magnetic spice containers and the refrigerator, some things just shouldn’t be kept apart. Utilizing magnets in this way can free up some room in your drawers and cabinets.