Danielle Ma

Personal essay contributor for past and current publications including Thought Catalog, Quarterlette, Twenty Something Living, and Pink & Black Magazine.

5 Books From Our Childhood We Should All Reread

It’s easy to forget how much our childhood books shaped us. They were the books we all owned in hard copy—hard cover, even. They were the books we read and reread so many times without getting sick of them. They were the books that took us to entirely new worlds and let our already free imaginations run freer. As we grow older, imagination sometimes takes a back seat to facts, analytics and logic. Flash back for a moment—take the time to reread some books from your childhood and marvel in their simple profundity. Here are a few that we like.

What I'm Learning From Solitude

There are so many ways to run away from yourself. In the past 21 months, I've folded myself into things—the bright lights of New York City, into the familiar chaos of parties and events, into the self-inflicted, fulfilling tiredness of being a workaholic. It was so easy to always be around people—friends, coworkers, friends of friends, dates, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends. And even when I was physically alone, I was emotionally with others. My phone became a crutch, an entry point into endless social stimulus.

Spring Refresh: Areas In Your Life Besides Your Home That Need Spring Cleaning

The sun and sundresses are finally here! As we pull back our curtains and dust off our picnic blankets, let’s pause a beat to consider other areas in our lives that could use a little spring cleaning. It’s the season of new beginnings, an arguably more inspiring time to make a change than the new year—spring means the whole world is right there with you, and nature’s a pretty great cheerleader. Here are some good places to start checking for cobwebs.

8 Things We Should Never Grow Out Of

There are some things that we will never be too old for. In the midst of growing up, moving on, and trying to navigate life as best we can, some things are constants, the rocks that remind us of who we are and of the childlike happiness that is so fulfilling and complete. So the next time you’re ever overcome with stress or uncertainty or a case of the Monday blues, just remember a few of the things we should never grow out of.

5 Things It's OK To Grow Out Of

As we grow into the young adults that we’re supposed to be, it’s inevitable for things that once felt familiar to no longer resonate with us in the same way. While your bell bottom jeans or plastic choker necklaces still fit, they just don’t fit. And that’s okay. It’s okay for us to grow up, to acknowledge the things that have made us who we are and to move on from them as we forge the path of who we’ll become. Change can be scary, but here are some things it’s okay to grow out of.

5 Ways Happiness Can Be A Choice

Elation and excitement come and go, but happiness can be a state of being. For those of us lucky enough to have healthy levels of happiness chemicals in our brain (namely: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins), we actually have a tremendous amount of power over our attitudes, outlooks and overall mood. Let’s take advantage of that, shall we? Here are some ways in which you can empower yourself with your own happiness.

5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of A Small Kitchen

Everyone has a favorite room in their childhood home. For me, mine was always our kitchen. It had a big island in the middle where my friends and I would eat and do our homework after school. It was the central meeting point in our home, open and lively. My apartment now barely has a kitchen at all–it’s really more of a kitchenette. But that doesn’t stop me from getting crafty and making it a space to love. Here are five tips on how to make the most of a small kitchen.