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Unnecessary Expenses To Cut From Your Budget

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Among the many plights of the 20-something, budgeting an entry level salary is certainly up there on the list.

Good thing we're scrappy though, right? If you're seeking some places to trim the fat spending-wise, look no further! Here are a couple ways to increase your cash flow.

Lose Your Morning...


Whether it’s the Birchbox craze, Sephora VIB status, or owning every shade of Maybelline Baby Lips, we’ve all indulged in some beauty product obsession. But in reality, most of us stick to a few essential items that we use daily, and the rest lay largely untouched until their expiration dates. When it comes to makeup, try only restocking what you need. If you’re feeling like it’s time to try something new, do it in the store or wait until you’ve run out of your current product before buying more.


There’s nothing more tempting than to grab a bagel and green juice on our way to work. We’re putting in long hours and trying to have a social life on top of that, so sometimes food prep falls by the wayside. But breakfast is actually an easy endeavor to conquer—make some breakfast bars for the week or keep smoothie ingredients in your freezer. Trade in just a few minutes a week for a few more dollars in your pocket.


The weekend substitute for breakfast? Brunch of course. While there’s no better way to catch up with girlfriends Sex and the City style, we can’t always give in to the bottomless addition. Cutting out day drinking will have both your purse strings and liver thanking you.

Ditch Your Afternoon...


Lunch breaks are all about getting through the midday slump, and often times, that means a Starbucks run. Those daily lattes add up though, and most offices have coffee machines just waiting to be used. Try bringing a to-go mug to work and fill it up with coffee from your common room. Then get outside and take a walk—the caffeine plus fresh air is sure to up your energy levels while lowering your expenditures.

Online Shopping Break

Hautelook and Zappos are such a tempting break from spreadsheets and Outlook. While it’s good to take a mental breather from your work and refresh your focus, there are other places to let your mind wander that won’t seduce your credit card. Check out Thought Catalog, Fast Company, or NationSwell instead.

$25 Yoga Class

Gone are the days of overpaying for yoga classes—we’re seeing so many more donation-based studios popping up everywhere like Yoga to the People. Do some research about affordable options near you. Not a yoga person? Swap the gym membership for good old fashion running outside or YouTube personal trainers. We shouldn’t need to break the bank to keep happy and healthy.

Skip Your Evening...

Cab Ride

Just because we’re dressed up does not mean we must succumb to a taxi or Uber. When you’re going out for the night, get some foldable flats and walk or take the train. Save the cab cash for times when you’ve had one too many drinks or it’s too late for public transportation.

Movie Theater Movie

We don’t mean to scrap the age-old dinner and a movie deal, but there are much more creative and less expensive options than the theater. Pile all your friends in the car for a drive in, find a free outdoor movie screening, or host a Netflix night at your place. If you’re an absolute theater junkie and live for new releases, look into becoming a MoviePass-er.


Pizza, nachos, and french fries—oh my! Stomachs lined with alcohol, it's so easy to seek out the greasy, satisfying goodness that are the drunchies. Don't give in to the instant gratification. Instead, stock up on some salty snacks at home before you go out. Knowing you have your favorite pretzels and hummus or smoked almonds in your kitchen will help your health and your budget.